Make any girl want to fuck you

When the inevitable question of how to make a girl fuck you specifically arises, then this is the best place to start if you are unsure.  I’ll teach you some tricks later on but to start with, actually, lets just go through them as they come to me!

When you are looking in to her eyes, keep repeating the thought over and over in your mind: ‘we are going to have sex’, ‘you are so beautiful’, ‘you cant wait to have sex with me’ etc.  It sounds stupid now but im tellin ya, she’ll read your mind! it creates such a great atmosphere if you two are already in that space but afraid or hesitant to move forward.

Another ons is if you two are in the bedroom and getting started, maybe just a little undressed, foreplay etc but then she freezes up for whatever reason and decides not to go any further, but you are raging to go, then just tell her honestly that it’s cool, turn the lights on, get up and out of bed and start doing something else.  The theory is she’ll miss the warmth and comfort and invite you back to bed.  IT’s not something ive ever done before cos i think it sounds like a bit of a dick move, but apparently the ‘freeze out’ works quite well.  I think it could work with other people in different situations obviously, such as giving your crying sister or attention seeking kid full attention, but if they don’t play ball, taking that attention away from them so they appreciate it and miss it.

An advanced sexual technique i totally dig is the ‘bowling ball’ or flappy paddle technique – the g spot stimulation of the womans vagina. It is not a myth, but it is advanced. i had a lot of difficulty just finding the clitoris or even the entrance to the vagina when i was young. if this is you, dont bother with this advanced tecqnie just yet, master the basics first. you want to get her warmed up and turned on, in a safe relaxed place. once shes already wet if not already come from clitoral stimultion, then put your ring finger and middle finger inside her, palm facing up as she is on her back facing the ceiling. bring the tips of thos two fingers toward the ceiling – either straight up or in a come hither motion. u should feel a rough area, like the roof of your mouth goes if u eat too many sweets. move around til you find it. it grows out of the wall so you have to coax it out with stimulation. Once you do, the up and down motion can become really vigourous and tiring to be honest but when the come they make porn star noises and the amount of ejaculate that comes out of them is ridiculous. put a towel down lol! This will have any girl begging for you to fuck them so to make any girl want to fuck you, tell ur bros about it, they use it on their girls, and their girls THANK YOU and tell their girls! For more info, visit

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