What is Promescent Premature ejaculation Cream?

What is Promescent Premature ejaculation Cream?

Developed by the chief of the Department of Urology at Hoag Hospital and assistant clinical professor or Urology at UCI Medical Ronald F. Gilbert Promescent is an over-the-counter topical medication used in the treatment for men suffering from premature ejaculation. Take a look at this penis growth guide or this from the Dallas Observer


Here’s the official advert:

How to apply Promescent

Men experiencing lifelong premature ejaculation should apply by spraying 2-3 times on the most sensitive areas of the penis, beginning with the frenulum.

The lotion should then be massages into the skin of the penis until thoroughly absorbed.

Wait for at least 10 minutes before engaging in the sexual activity.

And here is a Fox News interview on it:

Although Promescent has been proven as an effective measure to achieve the desired control of their premature ejaculation it is strongly recommended that you and your partner consult your physician before using the product to see if is is safe for your personal use.

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