How To Fuck Girls

If you’re a man (or even a girl actually) then you may well have at some point asked yourself how you can fuck more girls!

I’m going to qualify this by saying that I’ve moved past the point of just wanting to screw girls just ‘for the fuck of it’, but I did used to live for nothing more, and there will always be a part of body that wants to fuck every fit girl i see.  It never gets old. Even when I’m thinking that no women could catch my eye any more, the next one does 🙂

If you are in that stage of life wher you want to bed as many girls as possible, whether it’s quality or quantity, it’s good to know that through the power of the internet you can now connect with masters and teachers of the Venusian arts as they are called – allowing you to learn mindsets, tricks, routines and strategies to make your desires come to life.

For me, it was a multi-part awakening – i was unaware at how i presented myself on a social level – my clothes, my posture, where i went, who i spent time with, how i saw myself and described myself to others i just met.

Not only that, but then i was fearful – make that shit-scared of talking to women i was attracted to. Then, even if i did talk to them, i had nothing good to say, it was super awkward, the brief conversation would fizzle out or even if we both kept it going and she didnt run a mile, i would not know how to close the deal and eventually she would get bored, depressed, think something was wrong with her, whatever – leave!  So i was pretty terrible at scoring with chicks.

My solution for years was to get shit-faced drunk. Then if anyone laughed at me approaching them, or getting blown out, i could just say i was drunk. If they rejected me, it was cos i was drunk, it want my best self they were seeing. And i would be drunk at the time of rejection so easy to ignore 🙂 My night would not be ruined if if i didnt speak to any girls, cos i could always leave with my buddies.  Notice how they had not gone home with women either – they were essentially as bad as me with girls – even if they were all better, and one we dubbed ‘a natural’.

I can see now, as natural and good looking as that one guy was, his power to pickup women as nothing – n o t h i n g – compared to what i picked up learning the rules of the pickup game from Vin Di Carlo and has pandoras box system. It changed not only my success with women but with how i saw myself, and how i approached all ‘initial impression’ moments.  Now i relish in them – the chance to start afresh with every girl or boy i meet – like at job interviews for example. Honestly, if you want to learn how to fuck girls for one night stands or to start relationsships with marriage material, then have a read around this next link and then let me know how YOU fuck girls 🙂

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