Treating your Premature ejaculation with a Secret Penile prosthesis

Treating your Premature ejaculation with Penile prosthesis

The process of penile prosthesis, often referred to as penile implant is recognizes as one of the oldest methods of treatment for men suffering with erectile dysfunction and looking for a stamina secret. The medical device which was surgically inserted into the cavernous body of the penis was known to offer both the patient and partner with the most lasting sexual satisfaction of all other earlier treatment options.

Initially developed for men diagnosed with treatment-resistant erectile dysfunction or impotence as a result of diabetes, Peyronie’s Disease or exposure to prostate cancer treatments, penile prosthesis was additionally used as a final phase of reconstructive surgery to complete female to male gender reassignment surgery (GRS). There are easier ways to deal with the problem such as those outlined on stamina and MedicineNet.


Penile Prothesis was one of the recognized treatment options for men who were unable to experience or adequately maintain an erection to perform sexual intercourse and generally considered as a suitable option when less evasive treatments including penile injections, oral medications, or vacuum erection devices were unsuccessful. Currently there are two types of penile prothesis.

The non-inflatable, semirigid device consisting of a series of rods implanted within the erection chamber of the penis, flexible and allowing the man to bend the penis into the necessary position during the sexual activity and a hydraulic inflatable device consisting of saline-filled cylinders similarly implanted within the erection chamber of the penis using a pump placed within the scrotum of the patient for inflating the device.

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